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Title: Cluster Model of Supply Chains Management and Development of Transport-logistics Infrastructure
Authors: Antonyuk, Victor
Smerichevska, Svitlana
Remyha, Yuliia
Keywords: Cluster
supply chain
transport-logistics cluster
transport-logistics infrastructure
economic development
synergy effect
strategic perspectives
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Transportation Management
Citation: Transportation Management (2018) Volume 1
Abstract: The article focuses on the strategic role and peculiarities of the cluster innovative structures formation for ensuring competitiveness and economic development. Based on the generalization of the cluster theory evolution and taking into account the current state of the world economic development, the expediency of a new fundamental approach to the formation and development of clusters as an effective form of supply chain management and ensuring their competitiveness have been substantiated. The place of clusters infrastructure type in the supply chains management has been determined. The characteristic of modern properties, strategic role, goals, and priority tasks of transport-logistics clusters of an innovative type in providing the transport-logistic infrastructure development and formation of perfect supply chains have been presented. The systematic presentation presents the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of cluster organizational management forms and their impact on the competitiveness of supply chains. The efficiency of cluster structures has been analyzed. The directions and sources for obtaining synergistic effects from the interaction of supply chain participants in cluster structures have been determined. The probability of obtaining the “value-added” effect in cluster structures has been proved. The strategic prospects of transport-logistics clusters development in Ukraine have been determined
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